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Why NAGC Is Important to Me

NAGC Member Diane Bell – Why I’m a Member of NAGC

Mike Pina: Why I Taught at the 2017 NAGC Communications School

Nykole Tyson: Why NAGC Is Important to Me

MDOT Wins National PR Award

Congratulations to NAGC Members, Mississippi Department of Transportation!
MDOT wins national PR award Pressrelease

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Members Seeking Members

 You asked and we responded. A few months ago, I got an email from a member who thought it would be a good idea for NAGC to have a map so members could locate other members near them.  I thought that was a great idea.   Now you can check out to see if there are any...

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NAGC Encore!

NAGC Encore!: Friday, October 6, 2017, 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern

Uprising: A City Divided

Speaker: Mark Basnight, Senior Public Affairs Training Specialist, Argonne National Laboratory, Public Affairs Academy

In the wake of an officer involved shooting, the city of Charlotte (N.C.) was thrust into the national spotlight after the unexpected and unanticipated uprise of civil unrest. The dramatic events of Sept. 20 – 24 left one dead, several injured, hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and a city divided until the release of information exposing the facts and truth of the police investigation were reluctantly released. Mark will tell us the lessons learned from this extraordinary situation that might be critical to other government communicators in the future.



NAGC Webinar: October 18, 2017

E-mailing Customers and Colleagues: What Internal Communicators Can Learn from the Contact Center World

So much e-mail, so little time. You need to get critical agency information into the hands of your colleagues, but their inboxes are inundated. When your messages arrive, they’re rarely opened, let alone read.
What if you took a different approach to your writing? Could you craft messages that will be opened, read, and (hallelujah!) responded to? Yes! By using lessons learned from contact centers, where customer service representatives deal with questions and complaints by using effective subject lines, empathy, integrated online resources, and templates that don’t sound like form letters.


Map our Members!

Based on member requests, NAGC has added a Map to the Members Only section of our website.

To find members located near you, sign into the site and click on Members by State to see the map. Using your mouse,
1. Click on your state and click to see a list of NAGC members in your state.
2. By clicking on Complete Contact Info, a page displays with a business card for each person.
3. Click on the card to see individual contact information.