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2018 Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards

This annual international awards program recognizes superior government communication products and those who produce them. We constantly work to ensure our categories reflect the changing face of communication in and out of government. Enter as many categories as you choose — the number of opportunities to share your best work, innovation, creativity and use of technology may surprise you. There are more than 40 categories available to enter.

How to Win a Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Award Webinar

Get involved, be a Judge! Benefit from seeing the work you peers are doing at all levels of government. Find out more by clicking here!

Quotes from Past Winners:

Why Enter the NAGC Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards?

“The Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards not only honor the creative excellence of our team members, but demonstrate to our top executives that the work we do is high quality, effective and deserving of continued support.” – Sue Sims, External Affairs Group Manager, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.