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2019 Blue Pencil & Gold Screen ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

The production timeline is now 18 months! Only entries produced by or for a government organization between July 1, 2017, through December 31, 2018, are eligible.

Non-English entries must include a complete English translation.
Enter as many categories as you choose — the number of opportunities to share your best work, innovation, creativity and use of technology may surprise you.

View a list of the categories available to enter.

Entries must be completed by:
January 4, 2019 — Early Submission Deadline
March 1, 2019 — Submission Deadline

Judging Process

Awards include:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Award of Excellence
  • Best-in-Show Award: this will be selected from the First Place winners

Each entry is evaluated by a team of at least two judges chosen by the BP&GS Awards Committee.

Entries are judged on all applicable criteria, which may include writing, editing, content, design, illustrations, printing, purpose, dissemination, cost effectiveness, video/graphic quality, script, visual style, direction, innovation and overall impression.

Judges will carefully consider your entry description which includes, where applicable: purpose, goal or objective, target audience, detailed budget (required for all entries except categories Article, Writer’s Portfolio, News Release, Web Article), results, and special factors (size of staff, constraints, development time). Please write your nomination to follow the criteria listed!

Judges reserve the right to refuse granting awards in any category where there are insufficient qualified entries.

Winners will be notified in early to mid-April, and then recognized during the awards ceremony at NAGC’s annual Communications School, taking place June 25-27 in Washington, D.C..

Entry Fees

Discounted Member Fees apply only to NAGC members who had substantial input into the preparation or production of the entry and are listed as a contributor on the Entry Form.

Nonmembers: Join NAGC prior to submitting your entries and pay the member entry fee(s).

Entries completed by January 4, 2019
Member*: $131 for 1 entry; $115 each for 2+ entries
Nonmember: $197 per entry

Entries completed by March 1, 2019
Member*: $172 for 1 entry; $154 for 2+ entries
Nonmember: $234 per entry

*Member needs to be listed as contributor on the Entry Form