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NAGC President Kathryn Stokes

Government agencies are rife with political appointees who are put in their positions for a lot of reasons, none of which include their ability to communicate. Often, they have no idea what their new agency does or why.

It is up us as the professional government communicators in our organizations to remedy this situation. But how do we do so without committing professional suicide?

In “Mentoring Up,” NAGC President Kathryn Stokes uses her 30-plus years of experience, most in the private sector, to show government communicators her tips for “handling” new appointees (without seeming to handle them). Over her 10 years in government service, she has used these techniques to move projects from idea to fruition, gaining the respect and trust of her agency leadership along the way.

Kathryn will share discreet ways to not only educate a new leader but to gain her or his confidence. She’ll give us ideas for dealing with folks who feel they do not need help and pass on her own best practices for moving mountains—a little at a time.

Join us for “Mentoring Up,” Wednesday, November 15. Register today here.