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Encore! Webinar Miniseries

Did you miss the 2018 Communications School? Or a great Communications School presentation? Then join us for Encore!

NAGC hosted more than three-dozen fantastic presenters at our 2018 Communications School. Some of them came back for encore performances of their top-rated sessions.

NAGC’s Encore! webinar miniseries ran from November 2018 - January 2019.


Encore! Webinar Miniseries

State of Rebranding: Modernizing Your State’s Brand Identity

Friday, January 4, 2019

Speaker: Laura Cederberg, Assistant Chief of Staff, Communications, Office of Governor Mark Dayton (MN);

Speaker: Janelle Tummel, Assistant Commissioner, Enterprise Communications and Planning, Minnesota Management and Budge

In 2017 the State of Minnesota launched a unified brand identity, shedding 23 outdated agency logos for one cohesive look. The end result? A fresh, modern look to support employee recruitment, consumer confidence, and cost-savings across the enterprise. Project Directors will share how they oversaw change management and inter-agency collaboration to rebrand the state.


From Chaos to Collaboration: Changing the Way We Communicate with the Public

Friday, December 7, 2018

Speaker: Larry Schooler, Senior Fellow, National Civic League

Picture this: Your boss tells you to plan a “town hall meeting” on a controversial topic. You find a venue, set up chairs, and get quickly overwhelmed by a standing room only crowd–and they’re angry. They may have been provoked by information (or misinformation) from social media, or even traditional media, and they’re ready to burn your team in effigy. What to do?

This session is designed to take you, and your organization, from chaos to collaboration–embracing an entirely new paradigm for public engagement. Learn how to identify stakeholders and create customized strategies for engaging them; how to facilitate difficult conversations involving competing viewpoints; how to bring an array of stakeholders to consensus; and examine cutting-edge technology for public engagement.


Social Media, E-mail Marketing, and Website Content: Developing and Measuring Integrated Multi-Platform Messaging

Speaker: Devika Rao, VP Account Services, O’Neill Communications

Today’s information moves fast. In order to be effective and compete with the virtual “noise” of the internet, savvy communicators have to reach their targeted audiences and hold their attention over what can sometimes be a substantial amount of time. In this session, attendees will see examples of key messaging strategies through various platforms such as email and social media to deliver energetic and relevant information to raise brand awareness and increase impact.