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Prospective APR Candidates

The Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) administers the process for becoming Accredited in Public Relations (APR) on behalf of its Partcipating Organizations, which include NAGC. If you are wondering when is the right time for you to become accredited in Public Relations, listen to Why APR? Why Now? in the NAGC Webinar Archives (located in our Members Area). Detailed information about the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations and application form to become a candidate for accreditation may be obtained from the UAB website. Before visiting the site, check out these recommended steps to becoming accredited.

Make A Plan to Attain Your APR Top

  • Decide when you want to attain your APR. Set a date for your goal. Create a study plan (35–40 hours). Work your plan.
  • Download the APR Study Guide and begin to study. (The guide is free!)
  • Contact your local Accreditation Committee Chair to discuss coaching and mentoring support available through NAGC or PRSA. If possible, join local prep courses or create a study group.

Complete Your Panel Presentation Questionnaire Top

  • Download the Panel Presentation Questionnaire and set your own deadline (budget about 8 hours).
  • Complete and submit the application form with your application and testing fees. Do this after you have completed your Questionnaire. Once your application is approved you have one year to complete the process. (Allow 30 days prior to your desired Panel Presentation date).
  • The Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations fees are: $25 application fee and $385 examination fee. Candidates have two options for payment.
    • $385 in a single payment. This covers the full examination fee and is due at the time of application. If you choose this option, the $25 application fee is waived.
    • $410 in two payments of $205. This covers the full examination fee and the $25 application fee. One payment is due at the time of application. The remainder is due when you complete your Panel Presentation, and you are authorized for the computer-based examination.
    • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Candidates will receive notification of eligibility from Accreditation Coordinator Kathy Mulvihill. NAGC also receives notification.
  • Request a Panel Presentation through NAGC or PRSA. For NAGC, email Laura Kirkpatrick, APR.
  • Submit your Panel Presentation Questionnaire either by e-mail or via 4 mailed copies to the Accreditation Chair a minimum of 15 businesses days in advance of the review date you schedule. (E-mail is preferred.)
  • Prepare your portfolio and presentation of your work for your Panel Presentation. More info is avaialble at

Participate in a Panel Presentation Top

  • Present your portfolio and respond to interview questions.
  • Panelists score your knowledge, skills and abilities in 12 areas.
  • Panelists help you assess your readiness and direct your study preparation.
  • UAB notifies you if you have advanced or not advanced to computer-based examination.

Request Coaching, Mentoring and Support Services Top

If not advanced, you may repeat the Panel Presentation after 90 days. Request coaching, mentoring or other support services through the APR Chair as desired. You may want to seek out other candidates to form a study group or conference call.

Schedule Your Examination Top

  • If advanced through the Panel Presentation, you receive a unique ID # to be used to schedule the written examination. Keep in mind your deadline of one calendar year from date of application approval.
  • Schedule your examination at a Prometric testing center using your unique ID #. Registration information will be provided.

Note: Prometric experiences peak demand from June through August and October through December. During those periods, schedule an appointment at least 30 days in advance to secure your desired date.tent goes here

Take the Examination Top

  • Receive immediate feedback at the Prometric Testing Center on strengths and weaknesses in tested knowledge, skills and abilities and unofficial notification of pass or fail before you leave!!
  • Receive official notice from PRSA of pass or fail within a few weeks.
  • If passed, the UAB may grant Accreditation.
  • Receive notice from NAGC of celebration event.
  • Repeat steps if retake is necessary

Submit Application for Reimbursement to NAGC for a Portion of the Written Testing Fee Top

  • NAGC will reimburse each candidate $100 upon successful completion of the written exam (limited to the first 10 candidates each year due to budget considerations).
  • To be considered, subsidy requests must be received within 90 days following the successful completion of the computer-based exam. Please submit a request via email. Indicate your preferred mailing address and weather the check should be made to your employer or directly to you.


From the date the application is approved and the candidate is notified, the candidate has one calendar year to complete the required Panel Presentation and take the computer-based examination.

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