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Six Categories of NAGC Membership

  • ACTIVE: $145.00
    A person currently employed or contracted by a government agency, at any level of government,, or an organization composed of or solely representing government entities, and serving in a position whose principal duty is to create or disseminate information or illustrative materials in any medium to communicate with the agency’s internal or external publics, or a person who directs or manages these activities.
    Any group of individuals (up to five people in total) who meet the Active category requirements may join the NAGC for a set fee that equals four times the annual membership fee for an Active individual. Government members joining in this category are considered Active members. Nongovernment organizations are eligible to apply for organizational membership if composed of individuals who meet the Affiliate requirements.
  • AFFILIATE: $300.00
    Others whose jobs are the result of government outsourcing and who are engaged in communication or public relations functions.
  • RETIRED: $50.00
    Any retired communication professional who is no longer employed or contracted by a government entity.
  • STUDENT: $35.00
    Anyone enrolled in a formal course of instruction at a high school, college, or university. To distinguish between students and working professionals doing postgraduate work, only persons considered as full-time by their academic institutions qualify as students.
  • MILITARY: $75.00 for one year
    Any communications professional currently serving in any branch of the armed forces.