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Code of Ethics

Members of the NAGC are dedicated to the goals of better communication, understanding, and cooperation among all people. We believe that truth is sacred; that providing public information is an essential civil service; and that each citizen has a right to equal, full, understandable, and timely facts about the activities, policies and people of the agencies comprising his or her government. NAGC members’ professional conduct must comport with the association’s Code of Ethics. NAGC members:

  • will, in the execution of their duties, ensure the products they produce, and the communication they conduct, represent the highest standards of professional excellence. will, in the execution of their duties, ensure their conduct serves the public interest and promotes transparency and accountability of government.
  • will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects their understanding of the public trust placed with them, and their commitment to being a steward of that trust.
  • will dedicate themselves to the timely release of factual and accurate information about government.
  • will take swift and effective action to prevent the public release of false or misleading information.
  • will not knowingly provide false or misleading information to the public.
  • advocate the axiom of ‘maximum disclosure, minimum delay’ bounded by the tenets of security, accuracy, policy and propriety.
  • will not allow personal beliefs, prejudices, or emotions to influence their professional conduct.
  • will never lie to the media or public.
  • will not knowingly or intentionally withhold information that is publicly releasable.
  • will represent no conflicting or competing interests and will comply fully with all statutes, executive orders, and regulations pertaining to personal disclosure of such interests.
  • avoid the possibility of any improper use of information by an “insider” or third party and never use inside information for personal gain.
  • guarantee or promise the achievement of no specified result that is beyond the member’s direct control.
  • accept no fees, commissions, gifts, promises of future consideration, or any other material or intangible valuable that is, or could be perceived to be, connected with public service employment or activities.
  • safeguard the confidence of both present and former employees, and of information acquired in meetings and documents, as required by law, regulation, and judgment.
  • protect the professional reputation or practice of another person, private organization, or government agency from wrongful injury.
  • participate in no activity that could manipulate the price of a company’s securities.

Members who violate the organization’s Code of Ethics may be asked to resign their membership in the NAGC.